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  • How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty- Interview

    SINGER: Okay. The Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Peru, I really think Hernando de Soto should win the Nobel prize for the work he’s done. I hope he does. But he’s going around the world and identified one of the most powerful things to the economy and the creation of wealth. And that is the ownership of property. FORBES: Which you can then use as collateral.  Read More
  • Why Thomas Piketty is wrong about capital in the 21st century

    Thomas Piketty’s book Capital In The Twenty-First Century has attracted worldwide attention, not because he crusades against inequality –many of us do that– but because of its central thesis, based on his reading of the 19th and 20th centuries, that capital “mechanically produces arbitrary, unsustainable inequalities”, inevitably leading the world to misery, violence and wars and will continue to do so in this century. Read More
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ILD in the News

Richard Branson's Latest Article on the Last Block Chain Summit on Necker Island Involving ILDs Hernando de Soto:

Not only is Necker Island a wonderful place to relax and unwind, it’s also a great setting for free thinking and innovation. It has an incredible power to prompt people to think differently and dream big. Knowing this, every year we welcome a number of groups to the Island for gatherings that encourage inspiring collaborations. One of my favourite annual get-togethers is the Blockchain Summit.

It could be said that there are certain things which people in Turkey, or at least some people in Turkey, are unhappy about. But it’s also worth reminding ourselves what the country has got absolutely correct in recent decades. The economic growth rate has been very good indeed hitting as much as 8 % or 9% in some years, 4% or 5% more often.

La actividad contó con una serie de conferencias, todas vinculados a la blockchain y su aplicación tanto a nivel empresarial como inclusive gubernamental. Entre los ponentes que dictaron charlas se encontraba el célebre economista peruano Hernando de Soto, que vía videoconferencia, expuso un plan  que se propone reorganizar el sistema de títulos de propiedad haciendo uso de la blockchain, un proyecto cuya aplicación él defiende en Perú y otros países.

On Monday night, about 40 people were scattered on Balinese and Javanese teak and bamboo furniture in a room with soaring ceilings decked out with a bar, a pool table, bembe drums and ocean views on three sides. Golden light bathed everything, an easterly wind blew and seagulls glided above the water, but the gathering didn’t notice the setting sun from their tastefully appointed perch on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

El retorno del economista Hernando de Soto a la política, a raíz de su aparición como asesor de Keiko Fujimori en estas elecciones, ha despertado curiosidad sobre la biografía del nuevo jale de Fuerza Popular.

People can benefit not only by being on the blockchain themselves but also from having their things on the blockchain.Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto sees incredible potential in the blockchain giving those living in poverty access to capital by leveraging homes and other assets.

The economist Hernando De Soto regarded excessive bureaucracy as the root cause of corruption in the developing world. In post-Soviet states, some of the world's most corrupt, the bureaucracy is mostly inherited from a time when cheating the state was a national pastime.

No será funcionario público, sino un asesor externo. Afirma que nunca propuso un diálogo con Sendero y PPK se le cayó al piso, es un gringo que no conoce el Perú. Reta a un debate a Martín Vizcarra.

El presidente del Instituto de Liberad y Democracia explica cómo legalizará a los mineros informales y cuál es la diferencia con la propuesta del candidato Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

El problema de la minería infor­mal, plantea el economista, es de una complejidad y de una potencial amenaza que desconocerla impli­ca no poder luchar contra ella. Y asegura que PPK no conoce este tema a pro­fundidad.

Esteemed economist Hernando de Soto has endorsed presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori in Peru’s 2016 elections. Fujimori presented de Soto as a member of her technical team at a campaign rally at the Sol de Oro mine in Marcona, Ica.

Hernando de Soto, en esta entrevista, no solo habla de la minería artesanal e ilegal, sino que explica su intención de formalizar a los 15 millones de trabajadores informales que hay en el país. Estaría en el debate técnico del Cusco este 15 de mayo.

In The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else (2000), Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto argued that the underlying cause of Third-World poverty is weak property rights. Citizens of poor countries can't securely develop plots of land or put them up as collateral because they don't have clear legal titles.

As Hernando De Soto wistfully puts it in his classic, The Mystery of Capital, “there is one game in town”. Of course, that game is mimicking the market institutions in the prosperous west.

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