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  • How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty- Interview

    SINGER: Okay. The Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Peru, I really think Hernando de Soto should win the Nobel prize for the work he’s done. I hope he does. But he’s going around the world and identified one of the most powerful things to the economy and the creation of wealth. And that is the ownership of property. FORBES: Which you can then use as collateral.  Read More
  • Why Thomas Piketty is wrong about capital in the 21st century

    Thomas Piketty’s book Capital In The Twenty-First Century has attracted worldwide attention, not because he crusades against inequality –many of us do that– but because of its central thesis, based on his reading of the 19th and 20th centuries, that capital “mechanically produces arbitrary, unsustainable inequalities”, inevitably leading the world to misery, violence and wars and will continue to do so in this century. Read More
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Hernando de Soto se reunió con 2,000 dirigentes de los Comités de Autodefensa (CADs) del Perú en Huanta-Ayacucho durante la tercera semana de diciembre. El economista sostuvo que, mientras el terrorismo tiñe de sangre al mundo, en nuestro país vivimos en paz gracias a los CADs, quienes fueron los verdaderos artífices de la derrota del terrorismo en el Perú. De Soto sostuvo que una gran solución a la problemática de la delincuencia consistiría en integrarlos a la formalidad, ya que podrían ayudar a resolver los conflictos sociales y a combatir la delincuencia. Veamos más detalles de esta importante reunión.

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