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  • How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty- Interview

    SINGER: Okay. The Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Peru, I really think Hernando de Soto should win the Nobel prize for the work he’s done. I hope he does. But he’s going around the world and identified one of the most powerful things to the economy and the creation of wealth. And that is the ownership of property. FORBES: Which you can then use as collateral.  Read More
  • Why Thomas Piketty is wrong about capital in the 21st century

    Thomas Piketty’s book Capital In The Twenty-First Century has attracted worldwide attention, not because he crusades against inequality –many of us do that– but because of its central thesis, based on his reading of the 19th and 20th centuries, that capital “mechanically produces arbitrary, unsustainable inequalities”, inevitably leading the world to misery, violence and wars and will continue to do so in this century. Read More
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Hernando de Soto, of the Instituto Libertad y Democracia, in Peru, whose offices were bombed twice, and the late Ljubo Sirc (1920-2016), working with the resistance in most Soviet satellites, are prime examples. De Soto has been particularly active in showing how market incentives, implemented from the bottom up, but facilitated by regulatory simplification, helped win the war against terrorists in Peru. He recommends similar policies in Colombia and the Middle East.

The United States has now a president-elect who, like Fisher, became a successful entrepreneur, and who has not neglected respect for those who work to secure the free society. His nominations in national security are proof enough. They are all outstanding, but I will focus on Lieutenant General (Ret) Michael Flynn who, by the nature of his job, will spend more time at Trump’s side.

In the book he co-wrote with Michael Ledeen he described his views and a strategy for how to win wars in this new “field of fight.” Flynn starts by telling us about himself and he does not paint a flattering picture of his youth days. He understands imperfection, but he calls for overcoming weaknesses. One gets a clear image that he is a fighter and that he is not afraid of taking relevant decisions, even if it can cost him his career. In his previous job as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), he shared with the relevant authorities something that the Obama administration did not want to hear. The fight against violent, radical Islam was not going well. Flynn and Ledeen argue that “the fundamental requirement for good intelligence was and is, total commitment to truth.” Flynn adds: “I detest those who distort the truth in order to make their superiors happy.” Political advisors seldom abide by these rules.


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