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Realizing Property Rights
The War of the Notary Publics
The Other Path
L'économie informelle comment y remedier

The Mystery of Capital

The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalsims Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else is Hernando de Soto's second major book, based on the research and experience accumulated by the ILD since the publication of The Other Path. Click here for a page with the covers of the different versions and links to Chapter 1 and a condensed version of Chapter 3 in different languages.


Realizing Property Rights

Realizing Property Rights is a collection of a series of papers presented at an International Symposium in Switzerland in 2006 on the importance of property rights in impoverished countries. Hernando de Soto delivered this paper on the ILD's work in Tanzania.


The War of Notary Publics

The War of Notary Publics was published in 2007 in Peru in response to a 2006 book contracted by the Association of Notaries Public in Lima attacking the ILD's work and property rights reforms in Peru. It will help readers understand the importance of providing property rights to small property holders, women and other vulnerable human groups. Available in English and Spanish: La Guerra de los Notarios.


The Other Path

The Other Path is Hernando de Soto's first book, and is based on the ILD's early research in the 1980s. Clicking here will take you to a new prologue for the book written by Hernando de Soto that offers insight into the historical context of the research, writing, and publishing of The Other Path. A full version of the first chapter is also available in English, Spanish, and Thai.


L'économie informelle: comment y remedier

L'economie informelle: comment y remedier is a brief analysis of the economic roots of the Arab Spring as well as ILD's initial findings on the reasons behind the economic problems in Tunisia and a possible way forward. (Also available in English: The facts are in: The Arab Spring is a massive economic revolution.)

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